The Halo Community is filled with hundreds of talented individuals. Over the past decade that Halo has existed, many have come forth and contributed to the communal vision that we have of Halo by creating works of art that express their unique take on this imaginative universe. From ubald’s Halo renders to works such as A Fistful of Arrows, the Halo community is absolutely blessed with unique visual insight into the universe that we all call home.

However, the desire to come forth and share this vision is the deciding factor that seems to determine whether the community as a whole can appreciate these artists’ unique perspectives or not, and as not all immediately seek to share their work with others, I have decided to give everyone a reason to come forth and do so.

Enter “Visualizing the Halo Universe”

What is VHU?
Visualizing the Halo Universe is a website designed to encourage artists of all kinds to come forth and share their unique visions of some of the least-seen aspects of the Halo universe by participating in set rounds of focused brainstorming and creation.

This website accepts all forms of artwork, so long as they are visual in nature so that others can see your ideas. This means that you can create your image in any fashion, ranging from pencil/pen sketches on notebook paper to digital paintings, from something created in Google Sketchup to drawings made in the sand at the beach. You could even make it in Forge! It’s as simple as that!

How does it work?
Every 3 weeks (on Sunday), I’ll make a new post on the front page including the subject for people to visualize in one form or another, as well as where descriptions or images of this subject can be found. You will have 2 weeks to finalize and submit your artwork, followed by a weeklong break until the next round begins.

What sort of ‘subjects’ are you referring to?
Most often it will be a subject from the expanded fiction – usually as described in the Halo novels – but other times it may range from things seen stylized in publications such as Halo Legends to objects or events merely suggested at in the games. The point is, nearly anything goes, and my intent is to utilize this project to help visualize aspects of the Halo universe that have not fully existed anywhere but in our minds so far. If you’d like an idea of what sort of stuff we might be covering, check out our archive to look through past rounds and submissions.

To ensure that everyone gets a chance to draw the sort of subject that they want, we switch things up every round, adhering to the following schedule

Round 1 Theme: Human

Round 2 Theme: Covenant

Round 3 Theme: Ancients (Forerunners, Precursors, Flood)

Round 4 Theme: Miscellaneous

Round 5 Theme: Free Round (Create something new!)

Who should participate?
Everyone who has a unique vision of the Halo universe all their own! As we all read the books or interpret various aspects of the Halo universe in different ways, we all have this unique view that Visualizing the Halo Universe intends to highlight. So, even if you’ve never considered putting pen to paper before in your life, now is your chance to do so without any fear! Since this isn’t skill-based, anyone can submit.

Okay, I’m interested. What now?
What you can do immediately is fill out our suggestion form with your ideas for what possible subjects could be visualized in the future. All new ideas will be added to an already existing list, and likely seen in future contests.

Then, swing by our front page to see what the latest subject is, and submit your unique vision using our submission form!

And that’s all! Any feedback is appreciated, and if you have any questions I’d be more than happy to answer them. You can reach me at VisualizingTheHaloUniverse@gmail.com or on Twitter.

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